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WOAM Membership

Membership with the World Organisation of Arbitration and Mediation

Gaining the prestigious membership of the World Organisation of Arbitration & Mediation (WOAM) allows you to gain great benefits, tapping into a network of seasoned professionals and specialists with the International Arbitration and Mediation industry. As we as a plethora of financial benefits our members are able to take advantage of interacting with some of the most renowned lecturers around the world and increasing their network and profile within the industry.

WOAM Membership Benefits

All members of WOAM are entitiled to the following membership benefits:

  • Inclusion in electronic membership directory
  • Inclusion in a hard-copy membership directory
  • 10% of all WOAM Workshops
  • 20% of all WOAM Conferences
  • Immediate notification of developments in policy, law and regulation
  • Significant discounts on publications
  • Eligible for appointment on the Governing Board
  • plus much more...

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